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Tips for Brushing Teeth

Video: Tips for Brushing Teeth

According to an article on the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry website it has been noted that forty to fifty percent of children will experience some form of tooth decay by the age of five! This is quite early to start checking out of school and tapping into the savings fund for expensive dental repairs. Without the start of proper oral hygiene early on in life, as early as two even, such early dental issues can quickly add up to unnecessary loss of work for you, as well as loss of school time for your child.


It does not have to though. Children between the ages of two and five can easily be motivated to use good oral health practices, and thus become wired to practice proper oral hygiene for the rest of their lives. Such training is essential to develop suitable habits that will inevitably save you time and money in the long run, as well as save your child from needless suffering.

Helpful Brushing Tips

Below we have compiled a list of tips that we find helpful in making brushing more fun for your little one, thus arming them with the means and know how to learn and continue to practice good oral hygiene as they continue to grow and blossom!

Our Tips to Make Dental Care More Fun:

•  First and foremost, let your little one select their toothbrush. They are more likely to get excited about using a brush that features someone or something that they love.
•  Be sure that the tooth-brush they select and you buy features a small head and extra-soft bristles. Hard bristles are counterproductive as they can prematurely remove tooth enamel.
•  Make it a routine where you apply the proper amount of toothpaste to your child's brush and stand alongside them, brushing your teeth too.
•  Start one of your child's favorite songs at the start of the brushing session. Instruct your child that when the music is done, they are done too. Two minutes at least is the ideal length of brushing time here.
•  You can also download a tooth brushing app that will help time their sessions, or read a short book, tell a short story or set a timer to keep track.
•  Schedule regular routine dental checkups and where you encourage your child to ask as many questions as possible to the dentist regarding to dental proper dental care.

With the practice of such tips, and the establishment of your own special routines and procedures in which you and your child/children care for your beautiful smiles, soon brushing will become a fun activity that can be great bonding time for parent and child. In addition, be sure to continuously feed your child a well-balanced diet, consisting of plenty fruits and crunchy vegetables! Also, make sure that they drink plenty of water, it should always be available (within reach) for them throughout the day. Limit sugary drinks and sweets and don’t forget to ditch the sippy cup, bottle and pacifier as early as possible!

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