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5 Things to Avoid Saying about the Dentist

Visiting Little Smiles is fun! It is natural for children to be afraid of things that are unfamiliar to them, such as going to the dentist. If your child has never been in for an appointment, it can seem overwhelming to a young child to think about someone looking inside their mouth. As a parent, you can make the process go much smoother by avoiding certain words and topics to help keep the idea of visiting our office a positive one in your child's eyes.

Avoid talking about shots. Every child knows what shots are and most of them do not like the idea. If you use the word in relation to visiting our office, you can almost guarantee some sort of dental phobia in your child.

Don't pass on your pain. Kids also know what the word "pain" means. If you are ever referencing your dental visits, try to avoid talking about any pain that you might have experienced. You want your child's first visit to be pleasant, allowing him to form a good relationship with us and his oral health.

Be careful of offering treats in exchange for visiting the dentist. If you offer a sweet treat or even a toy to your child in exchange for good behavior at the dentist, it could send off warning signals in your child's brain. She might wonder what there is to be so afraid of that you are offering her a treat for being good. Instead, treat it like a normal occurrence that does not require bribery. Even better, treat it like a special adventure trip to be excited about!

Never threaten with talk about drills. Even if your child struggles with proper oral hygiene, never threaten him with the thought of drills in his mouth in order to scare him into brushing his teeth. This will only encourage a fear of the dentist in the future.

Teach counting and cleaning. Instead of talking about the threat of cavities and that the dentist needs to look for them, teach your child that we just need to count his teeth and clean them off in order to keep them healthy.

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